Big News

I am now a writer for AbleGamers. This is a big opportunity for me, I am very excited about being part of a great site. Thanks Mark for thinking of me. Look forward to my first article very soon.

DGAMER is not going away, there are just going to be some changes to the site. I am still planning on doing “The DGAMER WEB SHOW” but the good thing is that I will be able to devote more time to it now. Another thing, Ask Dis will still be part of the site. Expect other changes though. All of this, is for the greater good.

Site Update; Logo Design?; GDC ’09 Coverage

Wow… The site is giving me a headache right now. I am going to release the site without all the special features for now. I will just push that back to a later date but it will be done soon, or, if I keep having problems it will be eventually. Anyway, I just have a few pages to finish and then I will publish it.

I am still in the process of designing the logo but I can’t decide on what it should look like. If you have any ideas, please, let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It’s that time of the year, yep, I’m talking about the GDC (Game Developers Conference). From what it sounds, this is going to be a promising year for accessible gaming. If I were there I would keep all of you up to date on all of the happenings but good news, someone is. Just go over to AbleGamers for updates of the GDC. Michelle Hinn and Mark Barlet are letting us know what they are up to, These are two great people trying to help us PWD’s get in the games. Good luck guys and have fun!!!

Quick Announcement

I am in the process of moving DGAMER to a new web host for better Coldfusion and MySQL support. I really liked the host that I was using but it is too small for what is in the making. If goes down for a day or two don’t be alarmed I’m not going anywhere.

New PC; Site Update

Several months ago my stupid POS (Peace Of S**t) desktop died. So, last week I finally broke down and bought a new one. This time instead of building a PC like I usually do, I bought a pre-built one from Shuttle PC. They make SFF (Small Form Factor) PC’s, they are very small, sleek and powerful. I just received mine yesterday and I must say that so far, I am very impressed by this machine. From the moment of powering it up, one of the nice things that I noticed was how quiet it is. You can barely hear it, even with the room completely silent (with all electronics and other devices turned off) it is hard to hear. The speed is… Well, all that I can say is WOW!!! Plus, the graphics are stunning. I am able to set all the graphics settings in games to the highest. I decided to play Grand Theft Auto IV first and it ran smoothly with no graphic glitches or slowing down of the machine. At the moment, I recommend that you give one of these a try. I bought the H7 G4500.

Here are my systems specs:

4GB (2X2GB) PC2-6400 800MHZ DDR2 NON-ECC
Graphics Card: GEFORCE GTX 280 1GB GDDR3
Hard Drive: 500GB SATA300 7200RPM 32MB Buffer HDD
Optical Drive:

Update on the new DGAMER site. I have just a few more ColdFusion Applications to add and graphics, then I will be ready to relaunch the site. I can’t give you an exact date but it isn’t far off.


I finally got the DGAMER COMMUNITY FORUMS back up and running. I had to take them down after changing my web server over to support ColdFusion. The web server cant support both ColdFusion and PHP, so, some sacrifices had to be made. Anyway, I’m happy to say that they are back.

Check them out here.

Well, that is one item done, next is the web site. There is no breaking promises this time.

Promising Year

This year I feel is going to be a promising year for DGAMER, which also means good things for all of you. First, I am happy to say that the new website is very, very close to it’s re-re-re-launch. I promise this will be the last time, maybe, LOL. The only thing that it won’t have at this time is any registration or login but it will shortly after it goes live. Of course it will always be free to join.

The second thing is getting the forums back up. I am currently finishing them up at the moment, so, expect to see the forums any time. You will be required to register in order to post and respond to posts.

The third thing is the one thing that I’ve been hinting at for some time now. That is the DGAMER Web Show. It is a huge undertaking, especially for one person but I feel that it needs to be done. One of the main reasons for me putting a lot of work into this is because I want it to be as good as the shows at Revision3. I have been going back and forth deciding on doing this and do you know what was holding me back? This is stupid, I don’t like the sound of my voice and the fact that I’m on a ventilator I can only talk when I get a breath, this annoys me. I am now over how I sound and I found a solution to fix the pause between breaths. This is going to be a fun an exciting venture for me, I hope that you enjoy the content that I bring to you.

I have some other items in the works too but for now I will leave you in suspense.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Revealed

Every day for the past couple of weeks I’ve been extremely busy working on the new DGAMER site. I am sick of not having it finished and it bothers me that I am letting all of you down.

One game that I’m very excited about is the new MMO that is under development by LucasArts and BioWare, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Recently, they posted a their first Video Diary. This game looks looks amazing and I just hope that they deliver on their word. It will probably end the suffering of Star Wars Galaxies and put it to death. Galaxies started out as a great game, that is until Sony decided to make some stupid changes to the game that completely ruined it. Anyway, check this video out: