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I was asked why I don’t always blog about Accessible Gaming. The reason that I don’t is because it is possible to play any game with the right setup. Like I have said before, my system of choice is the PC but I do occasionally play consoles. There are so many options to choose from that make gaming enjoyable. Everything from assistive controllers, voice-recognition, adaptive and ergonomic keyboards and things for just about every other need that you may have. There isn’t a single game that I can’t play on the PC with my setup. Yes, it was kind of pricey but not too bad. The cost was worth my enjoyment and it was an expense that I needed to make to help DGAMER. I am going to start putting more Accessible Gaming news and information on the site and with that…

I am not sure if anyone has seen this new device, It is the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator. This thing could change the face of gaming for the disabled. It is truly amazing and I am buying one, the price will be $300 – $400 but it’s worth it. What is it? Read this article, It tells all about it.

The new site design is actually coming together, all the technical difficulties have been fixed. I was thinking at one point I would never get it working but I did it. I am not giving a specific date when I will debut it because every time I do something goes wrong. So, I ain’t saying anything until I’m done. Also, expect the site for the Disabled Gamers Clan sometime soon. It is going to be a great year for the site and for all of you, I’m excited about this.

I added a new link to the links page, it is for a site called Accessibility 4 Gamers. I am quoting from there site to let you know what they are all about, “Accessibility 4 Gamers is a website designed to inform gamers with disabilities about the availability of accessible games, software and equipment. So that they will have an equal play for gaming.” Which is basically what DGAMER is about. It is great to see another site for gamers with disabilities, Check them out.