I Received My Neural Impulse Actuator, WOOT And OH NO!!!

As you may know by now, the Neural Impulse Actuator has finally been released. Not expecting it, I received mine on 6/5/08. The NIA does take time to get used to using, especially trying to figure out how Alpha and Beta brainwaves work. I did run into a problem last week, the top part of the middle diamond broke off and I don’t know how. I must say that the headband does seem a little cheaply made and I have a feeling that some wires will be breaking off of it. Anyway, OCZ said they will replace the headband. I should be getting it this week, then I will be back back in business. I won’t be giving a full review for awhile because I want to fully understand every aspect of it. I will give you an update every week on my experiences with it.