I Received My Neural Impulse Actuator, WOOT And OH NO!!!

As you may know by now, the Neural Impulse Actuator has finally been released. Not expecting it, I received mine on 6/5/08. The NIA does take time to get used to using, especially trying to figure out how Alpha and Beta brainwaves work. I did run into a problem last week, the top part of the middle diamond broke off and I don’t know how. I must say that the headband does seem a little cheaply made and I have a feeling that some wires will be breaking off of it. Anyway, OCZ said they will replace the headband. I should be getting it this week, then I will be back back in business. I won’t be giving a full review for awhile because I want to fully understand every aspect of it. I will give you an update every week on my experiences with it.

NIA Obsession

Since it’s obvious that I’m obsessed over the Neural Impulse Actuator at the moment, I want to share the first of many reviews from Overclock3D of the device. Some of you may have read their first review but here it is anyway. Those of us that have pre-ordered the NIA should be receiving it any day now, I for one can’t wait.