NIA Release?

Well, I talked to someone at OCZ yesterday. I didn’t get a definite release date for the NIA, which is what I, and probably you expected. All I was told is that it could be available in the next couple to a few months. They were being very wishy-washy on giving me a straight answer. I will keep you updated on news as it becomes available. I did find the NIA on a Canadian web site called, Everbest Computer and at I haven’t seen it on a U.S. site yet but should soon.


2 Responses

  1. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be the Cryo-Z case, where they announced the release back in 2006 and even have screenshots of the packages being shipped, but until now, the product is nowhere to be found. At least we have two other developers of similar technology just in case OCZ doesn’t deliver.

  2. OCZ is releasing the NIA and everything points toward April, we will see. They make it frustrating when they can’t give you an exact date.

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