NIA Release?

Well, I talked to someone at OCZ yesterday. I didn’t get a definite release date for the NIA, which is what I, and probably you expected. All I was told is that it could be available in the next couple to a few months. They were being very wishy-washy on giving me a straight answer. I will keep you updated on news as it becomes available. I did find the NIA on a Canadian web site called, Everbest Computer and at I haven’t seen it on a U.S. site yet but should soon.

Neural Impulse Actuator Update

Another update on the  (NIA), It is now available for pre-order in the UK. At, they have a release date of April 21st. I understand that OCZ is aiming to have the first batch in stock in about 2 weeks but the date from could be the closest for the release. I finally got a call back from OCZ and guess what? I missed it, LOL. I will return their call today and find out when we get it in the U.S.?

NIA Price Confirmed; EPOC Correction

Another update on the Neural Impulse Actuator. The price has been confirmed, it will only cost $159. At this price they will probably sell a lot more to gamers, let’s hope that it works great. In an article from TG Daily it was said by Ryan Peterson, co-founder and CEO of OCZ Technology, “We want people to buy the thing, not to just look at it and think that they cannot afford it,” and another thing that makes me feel good about OCZ, “We don’t care about making money off it, we care about making people love it,”. I just wish that they would confirm the release day, I want one now. I know, I know, I’m impatient but sometimes I can’t help it, LOL.

I need to make a correction on Emotiv’s EPOC, I showed a picture of the device that was a a prototype. Here is a picture of the actual device:
Emotiv - EPOC
It looks like a Headcrab or something but it does seem more appealing than the prototype.

Update on the Neural Impulse Actuator; Other Mind Controllers

I haven’t been able to get in contact with anyone from OCZ yet. Here are some things that I have read about the Neural Impulse Actuator. First the price, it sounds like it will retail for $300. Second, they are planning on making the device available for the XBox 360 and PS3. I am wondering if it will replace the game pads completely or if you will still need the use of the analog sticks? I say that because the PC version requires some use of the mouse. Third, I’m not sure if it is being released next week or next month. I read an article today that said next month. I get all excited about next week and then they give crushing news, I don’t think that I’ll ever recover, LOL.

Some of you know that OCZ isn’t the only company that has developed a “Mind Controller”. One such company is Emotiv, Their controller works the same way but I don’t really care for the helmet look and it doesn’t seem practical if you use a headrest like I do.
Emotiv - Project Epoc

Another company is Neurosky, Theirs looks like a headset.

I’m not sure which is the best because I can’t afford to purchase all three. If I could just test them then I could give you my opinion but that probably won’t be for sometime I bet.

OCZ Technology Group Readies Neural Impulse Actuator For Shipment Next Week

This is very exciting news for gamers with and without disabilities around the world. The Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) in my opinion is going to change the future of gaming. OCZ will be demoing the device at CeBit 2008, March 4th-8th. The same place where they debuted a prototype in 2007. They are going to begin taking orders at CeBit for the NIA. I am seeing two prices being listed, $300 and $600 but which one is correct? I’m guessing the latter , we will find out tomorrow or today depending on where you live. No matter the price, I will be buying one. In the morning I will call OCZ here in California to see if we can start placing orders in the U.S. too. After I purchase one expect a review from me very soon.

More Info:
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