I have been wanting an HDTV as a monitor for some time now. Since my video card supports HD it made it even more irresistable. So, two week ago, I finally broke down and bought a Vizio 32″ LCD HDTV. It seems a little large I know, but if I had the money I’d probably go larger, LOL. I must say games are sweet on this TV. Review to come.

I’ve been playing Halo 2 for the PC and I absolutly love it. As I said before, I’ve never played it. The best thing about this game is the multiplayer. Review to come.

I haven’t said anything about the new features coming to the site because I have thought of some different ideas. When I announce them I hope that you like them. I was delayed recently two weeks due to a glitch in the server. I am finally back to designing the new site.

I’ve said that I have had some personal issues lately and I wanted to be honest and tell you what my main issue is. For the first time in my life, I am going through some depression but the great thing is I am finally getting over it. This is the main reason that I haven’t been updating that often and keeping them short. I wont go into it, I just want you to bare with me.