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Big News

I am now a writer for AbleGamers. This is a big opportunity for me, I am very excited about being part of a great site. Thanks Mark for thinking of me. Look forward to my first article very soon.

DGAMER is not going away, there are just going to be some changes to the site. I am still planning on doing “The DGAMER WEB SHOW” but the good thing is that I will be able to devote more time to it now. Another thing, Ask Dis will still be part of the site. Expect other changes though. All of this, is for the greater good.

MSNBC – For disabled, video games can be a lifesaver

Nissa Ludwig used to be musician and a dancer and a performer. But ever since a progressive metabolic disorder made it difficult to walk, “Rock Band” is as close as she gets to the stage.

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Want to play the latest high-end PC games on your TV, PC or Mac, instantly? Well, this winter you will be able to. A company called OnLive is trying to change PC gaming as we know it. What is it? It’s a tiny device that streams games straight to you through your broadband internet connection. All you need is the Onlive console and a subscription, then you are ready to play. Which means, no more having to upgrade that pesky PC.



OnLive takes the hassle out of PC gaming. All of the action happens elsewhere, OnLive runs the games on their own servers. They handle everything from installation on their own hard drives, drivers, compatibility to, well, you name it. I understand that their hardware is more powerful than any existing console on the market. Every six months they will upgrade to keep up with today’s hardware changes.All of this makes it easier than ever before.

Plug and play

Just plug the OnLive Mini-Console into your TV, PC or Mac and begin playing. Oh, and your broadband connection, this is one of the most important parts. Anyway, playing a game is instant, all you need to do is select the game demo or the full game and that’s it. Downloads are at blazing speeds, OnLive is supposed to be faster than anything that we’ve ever seen before. No more waiting, YAY!



The OnLive console is small enough to fit in your pocket. Which makes it very easy to take anywhere. It has two USB ports, that will support a keyboard and mouse if you choose, or any controller that you desire. A Micro-USB power in, Video/Audio out, an Ethernet port, S/PDIF optical out and is able to use up to four wireless controllers and four bluetooth headsets. There is also a Wireless pairing button and comes with it’s own wireless gamepad, similar to the Xbox 360’s controller.




The controllers layout is the same as an Xbox 360’s gamepad, as I said before. There is a button that lets you capture Brag Clips, these are clips of your best gaming moments to show off to others. Plus, there are buttons for media controls. The best thing is being able to use your own controller. It says any controller will work, so, I’m guessing that this will include accessible ones too. If not, maybe and hopefully they will install drivers for that device, if yours requires one. They say that the controls work by, “instantly sending your controller actions upstream and the results back downstream at blinding fast speeds”.

I also mentioned being able to use a keyboard and mouse. This gives you even more control options, you should be able to set your own keyboard, mouse and controller mappings.






This new service is not going to make any achievments in accessibily, like the other consoles. You must admit, it is a cool idea. If we can stay on OnLive, I mean bug the heck out of them until they give in, maybe they will design accessible devices for us. Getting them and everyone else to consider accessibility is always a good idea. I will look deeper into the company and get more information. Hopefully, I can get an interview with someone and talk to them about this issue.


I am looking forward to trying it out, the idea is really cool and interesting. The OnLive service looks to be viable and promising. At the moment, there is no pricing information for the OnLive Mini-Console, or, what the monthly subscription is going to cost. We will know later down the road on that. The release date is going to be this Winter, could it be Christmas? Who knows. They haven’t even begun Beta Testing with the public yet. If you would like to try to become a Beta Tester, just go here.


Site Update; Logo Design?; GDC ’09 Coverage

Wow… The site is giving me a headache right now. I am going to release the site without all the special features for now. I will just push that back to a later date but it will be done soon, or, if I keep having problems it will be eventually. Anyway, I just have a few pages to finish and then I will publish it.

I am still in the process of designing the logo but I can’t decide on what it should look like. If you have any ideas, please, let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It’s that time of the year, yep, I’m talking about the GDC (Game Developers Conference). From what it sounds, this is going to be a promising year for accessible gaming. If I were there I would keep all of you up to date on all of the happenings but good news, someone is. Just go over to AbleGamers for updates of the GDC. Michelle Hinn and Mark Barlet are letting us know what they are up to, These are two great people trying to help us PWD’s get in the games. Good luck guys and have fun!!!

Delay; The Old Republic Newest Developer Video

Well, guess what? The site has been delayed, AGAIN. I just got over a bladder infection. I’ve been sick for a week and a half and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I am now back to my old self and it’s time to get back to work. At the moment I am having some problems with the database, I’m really close to resolving the problem. Please, bare with me a little longer. I need to get this site finished because I have so much to do.

Every time that I see a new developer video of Star Wars: The Old Republic, I get more and more excited about this game. If they pull off what they are planning to do in this game, it just might be one of the best games ever. Anyway, here is there latest video:

Site Features

As you can see on the web site I said to expect the new site to be up and running in about 2-3 weeks. To be more realistic, it will probably be closer to 3 weeks. It would be great to say its ready but not quite.

I also mentioned some of the features that are going to be on the site. I hope that you like what I have planned. As you can see there are more things in the making but besides the items I already have for the site, is there anything that you would like to see?

Quick Announcement

I am in the process of moving DGAMER to a new web host for better Coldfusion and MySQL support. I really liked the host that I was using but it is too small for what is in the making. If goes down for a day or two don’t be alarmed I’m not going anywhere.